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This is How We RV!

Yes, we are living the dream!

The new RVers who live and work full time on the road number over 1 million strong. We are among them - living the dream - and want to help others who wish to do the same and share with folks who have also made the lifestyle change

Caravan in the Desert

About Us

Michael & Rena (MJandAR)

We sold our house in suburban Phoenix, AZ to become FULL-TIME RVers. We both have businesses where we can work from home - wherever 'home' may be at the time~

Follow us in our journeys where we share experiences, tips & tricks we've learned along the way and get to know us a little more

-THIS is How We RV!


What do WE do?

The most common question...

We often see the question in RV groups we are in, "How can I Save & Earn money while on the road?" This page is designed to share ideas for saving money on everything while on the road and to share and encourage others on how to earn money as well.

If you're truly interested, Contact us! We'd love to share some ideas with you


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